Introduction to Yii framework

Yii framework (фреймворк) - a relatively young (the first version was released in 2008, although the history is longer), but promising, rapidly developing and functional web development tool, in other words, php framework. It uses the MVC paradigm.

(You can read about MVC principle here).


  • "true" OOP;
  • implements the MVC principle (you can read about it here);
  • database access through Active Records and Data Access Object (DAO);
  • data validation;
  • support for caching;
  • client-side jQuery, ajax support;
  • code generator (or I would say code templates);
  • can integrate with other code (Zend, Symphony, etc.);
  • ability to create modules;
  • error handling;
  • theme support;
  • support for localization.
It is worth noting that Yii framework is very convenient for beginners - it is much easier to learn compared to Zend or Symphony.

In synthetic tests, Yii framework shows a high level of performance, but these are not specific examples, the high.speed rendering of "Hello, world" only indicates a well-balanced system of loading the necessary code.

As a rule, the user works with a single script (index.php).