Creating websites

As of 2012, there were 612,843,429 websites on the Internet. This number is rapidly growing.

So why do people create websites?

sitePurposes can vary. Some do it for business purposes: online stores, advertising platforms, online services, etc. Others do it just for fun - writing a blog, sharing interesting activities and so on. Some do it as a learning practice - to learn how to write websites, do SEO, design, and much more. And of course, it's possible to combine all of this in any proportion =).

A high-quality website allows you to express your point of view loudly - after all, the number of Internet users worldwide has exceeded 2 billion. Take a portion of this number - those users who speak the language in which the website is created and those who are interested in your topic - and you will get a considerable number of potential visitors.

By the way, it's useful to check the popularity of a topic or query before creating a website or page. Previously, Google had a decent service in AdWords that showed the number of searches for specific keywords per month, but now they have changed and added many things. Although you can still use the "keyword planner," it's not as convenient (subjectively), but it can still be used.

Creating an average, not very popular website entails some minimal expenses - for hosting, for a domain name, around 1000 rubles per year.

Don't expect golden mountains and thousands of visitors immediately from your website - everything is determined by the quality of the information you provide, as well as time.

I hope this note helped you determine whether you need your own website =). Technical assignment for website development.