Sequence Master Game

Sequence Master Game - a game to test reaction speed. Click on the largest number among the available ones (you can choose multiple numbers at each step) and share your high score with friends.

Key features/gameplay:

1) There are 7 levels available

2) Within the given time, you must click the numbers from largest to smallest.

3) Points are awarded for each selection. The number of points depends on the player's selection speed and the value of the selected number. In case of a mistake, the game does not end, but a penalty is applied.

4) The game ends if you fail to select the correct number within the allocated time. After the game ends, you have the option to share your results.

5) Responsiveness (should work on smartphones), animation, and other bells and whistles =).

You can play by following this link:

Developed in js (CoffeeScript), css(less), and html in my free time (development is ongoing, but not very actively due to the aforementioned reason =) ). Critical functionality is covered by tests (jasmine).

View the source code.

Upd: I've built an Android version and published it on the Play Market, you can check it out here: Sequence Master

I would be grateful for feedback/criticism/wishes in any form.

Gameplay Video