Gift for a girl made with your own hands

If you want to surprise someone dear to you, you can make them a homemade gift. For example, embroider a cross-stitched napkin. Or grow a cactus. Or throw away a cactus (well, who knows what they expect from you :)). Or finally throw away some trash.

But here I suggest something more trivial - a glowing heart on an attiny 2313 microcontroller, with flashing LEDs. Such a gift made by your own hands for a girl, she will definitely appreciate it =) Moreover, it will be suitable for any occasion: birthday, International Women's Day, Valentine's Day... The project is written for gcc-avr, for attiny 2313. The circuit is easy to make; I think you won't even need to rewrite anything in the firmware, although I will share the source code for those who are interested. It will be possible to adjust the operating modes. The device has a power switch and a button that triggers an interrupt and switches to the next operating mode (flashing). Everything turned out quite compact, just fit into a cassette case from Sony headphones.


To make it, you will need:

attiny2313 - 1 piece,

smd LEDs (1.7 mm length) - 16 pieces (buy with a small margin :),

smd resistors 330 ohm 8 pieces

smd capacitors 10µF and 10nF for power stabilization.

optional - case for 3 AAA batteries.

In the end, you will get a pretty cute gift.

There are no photos because March 8th has already passed =).

The device uses dynamic indication, so you can add more LEDs... with subsequent firmware changes.

Source code, layout, firmware present. Compiled firmware separately firm.elf.hex