Sony Playstation 4

In Europe, the release of the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console is planned for the end of 2013. Unlike similar devices from other manufacturers, this device is positioned specifically as a gaming console, not a multimedia center (like, for example, Microsoft Xbox One, Valve Steambox).

Installation and configuration of Apache / PHP / MySQL in Ubuntu

You have just installed the latest version of Ubuntu 13.04 and want to install additional software for learning web programming and running frameworks like Symfony 2, yii, zend, etc.? Then you've come to the right place. Let's go through 10 simple steps to achieve this. We will start with the installation of a web server and then move on to Symfony.

Xbox One

A new generation of gaming console Xbox One has been announced. The announcement was made on May 21, 2013. Since the release is planned for the end of 2013, it's time to start saving on food and saving money. It is also reported that a whopping 15 exclusive games will be released for the platform.

Video cards Nvidia GTX 780, GTX 770, and GTX 760 Ti

At the end of spring 2013, Nvidia will release a new lineup of desktop video cards. As is usually the case with Nvidia, the hi-end and middle-end monsters GTX 780, GTX 770, and GTX 760 Ti will be the first to be seen by the world. The new lineup of virgin keepers will allow you to play your tanks at over 9000 fps, just like other games where developers have actually bothered with optimization (which is not in fashion these days).

Haswell - the new generation of Intel processors

New generation Intel Core processors (the fourth in line) received an architecture with the code name Haswell. The process technology is 22 nm. Presentation is expected on June 3, 2013, and sales will begin on July 2. They will be presented at the IT exhibition Computex 2013.

Ruby programming language

Ruby - is a programming language with complex, but expressive grammar and a basic class library with a rich and powerful API. Ruby incorporates features from languages such as Lisp, Perl, and Smalltalk, and uses a grammar that programmers familiar with C and Java languages can learn. Ruby is a fully object-oriented language, but it also supports procedural and functional programming styles.

Installation of Symfony 2.* (Lesson 2. Preparation)

So ... We have already familiarized ourselves with Symfony framework (here) and gained the courage to install it. Symfony installation can be done in two ways. The first one is manual - download the archive from the official website (, just in case =)) All according to the standard - download, unpack to the web server directory, use.

Configuration of Qt project

An application written in cross-platform Qt. (Except for tricky third-party libraries, but that's the exception). However, to run the application on different platforms, you often still need to properly configure the Qt project. (The project is configured in the .pro file).

Introduction to Yii framework

Yii framework (фреймворк) - a relatively young (the first version was released in 2008, although the history is longer), but promising, rapidly developing and functional web development tool, in other words, php framework. It uses the MVC paradigm.

Billiard on Qt

So... In honor of Cosmonautics Day and coincidentally the faculty day at our university, I had a great chance to win some money and participate in a contest of physical modelers... One of the tasks was to write a billiard game on Qt (well, I've embellished it with Qt =) Here's what I came up with.

Bitwise operations in C

In our first lesson (/start-working-with-atmel-avr-microcontrollers/), we got acquainted with the working principle of microcontrollers. But, of course, it's not very convenient to simply write numbers in binary or hexadecimal form in registers. What if you need to change only one bit on a port, without touching the others? Change its value from 0 to 1 or vice versa? We'll answer that question a little later.

The principle of working with Atmel microcontrollers (AVR)

Microcontroller - a device, a microchip, designed to control other devices. The microcontroller contains a processor, memory, as well as peripheral devices. In fact, the controller "toggles its pins" - sends pulses of different duration to the pins.