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A Night Before the Deadline Press Kit

Fact sheet

  • Developer: Harentius
  • Genre: Indie, Adventrue
  • Release Date: June 1st, 2021
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux
  • Price: $3.99
  • Availability: Digital Download
  • Languages: English, Ukrainian
  • ESRB: E for everyone
  • Press Contact: yaroslav.osypenko@gmail.com
  • Website
  • Steam page
  • SocialsTwitter Instagram

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A Night Before the Deadline is an adventure story-driven game with a nice low poly aesthetic and ambient soundtrack.
You play as a developer Joe who stays at the office till late night because his boss asked him to finish the work. All you need to do is to collect code fragments written by other developers, merge them and deploy the project. Nothing special, right?
Everything seems to go as planned but at some point strange things start to happen. You see visions you can’t explain and receive phone calls from an unknown number. That person obviously just wants to distract you from doing your work.
Or is he warning you about something? As you progress the work further you begin to realize that something is wrong…

Key features:

  • Explore an empty night office

  • Solve minigame puzzles to progress the story

  • Figure out the cause of your visions and unravel a mystery of an unknown caller

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How games (or any pet projects) should never be developed

This story is about wasting time and life. It is about Attraction Wars.

Attraction Wars is an online browser game I developed in my free from job time.

I am surrounded with "success stories". But very few new projects (or startups if you want) succeed. According to the different sources, it is less than 10%, I more believe sources which say that it is even less than 1%.

Of course, it dramatically depends on which stage startup was accounted for this statistics... But this story is not about it. I just feel that I should write "story of NOT success", just to dilute all that success stories with other fairy tale.

Honestly I think that history of Attraction Wars development is an example of how games (or any pet projects) should never be developed.

However it teached me a lot, including technologies and outlook, so I hope this experience will be useful for someone. Or only for me as reminder.

But if you are interested of this deep dive to cave, then please go ahead.

Sequence Master Game

Sequence Master Game - игра для проверки скорости реакции. Кликайте по наибольшем среди доступных чисел (можно выбирать несколько чисел на каждом шаге) и делитесь рекордом с друзьями.

Ключевые особенности/геймплей:

1) Доступно 7 уровней

2) За отведенное время вы должны успеть прокликать числа от наибольшего до наименьшего.

3) За каждый выбор начисляются очки. Их количество зависит от скорости выбора игрока и величины выбранного числа. В случае ошибки игра не прекращается, но начисляется штраф.

4) Игра прекращается, если не успеть выбрать правильное число за отведенное время. После окончания игры есть возможность расшарить результат.

5) Респонсивность (должно работать на смартфонах), анимация и прочие свистелки =).

Поиграть можно перейдя по ссылке: https://rg.folkprog.net

Symfony Blog Bundle

HarentiusBlogBundle - бандл для  блога/простого портала (Или сложного, если с  наследованием бандлов и расширением). Движок этого сайта.

В качестве бэкенда используется SonataAdminBundle. Реализовано:

1. Админка (WYSIWYG, ckeditor), загрузка картинок, аудио, плеер.

2. Теги, категории, архивы, облако тегов

3. Статистика

4. RSS-feed (требует доработки)

5. "Умное" кэширование всего и вся, контент отдается очень быстро

Для "успокоения души" осталось:

1. Тесты

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Symfony Widgets Bundle

Widgets Bundle - a bundle for easy widgets management. (Supports only widgets which require only client-side code for displaying). Includes both client side (for displaying) and admin side (adds admin classes and has a SonataAdminBundle dependency) functionality.

Can be used (for example) for adding counters, banners, advertising network codes (google adsense, etc).

Was created during this blog has been developing.