Gift for a girl made with your own hands

If you want to surprise someone dear to you, you can make them a homemade gift. For example, embroider a cross-stitched napkin. Or grow a cactus. Or throw away a cactus (well, who knows what they expect from you :)). Or finally throw away some trash.

Three-channel thermometer with ds18b20

Once I had to create a three-channel thermometer with ds18b20. I can't help but share with those in need.... However, in fairness, it should be noted that the firmware was written overnight, so it's not very readable.... But the device works - that's the main thing :).

Using a Timer in Qt

For using the timer in Qt, the class QTimer is intended. First, you need to set the time after which it will trigger. You also need to define a slot that will handle the signal emitted when the timer overflows. Thus, a mandatory condition for using QTimer is the ability to use signals and slots, which means that the class that uses the timer must be a descendant of QObject. Let's create a simple clock as an example.

Rotation of a scene in OpenGL (QT)

So, we already know how to initialize an OpenGL window in QT. (/podklyuchenie-opengl-v-qt/) Now let's learn how to rotate the scene. In short, to rotate the scene in OpenGL, you need to call the function void glRotated(GLdouble angle, GLdouble x, GLdouble y, GLdouble z). The angle parameter sets the rotation angle from the current position; x, y, z describe the rotation vector, in other words, they determine the direction of rotation. You can also change the position of the vector's origin.

Connecting OpenGL in QT

Let's consider an example of connecting the OpenGL graphics library to a QT project. I will try to provide the most accessible information for a quick start. Here we will only consider the example of connection and rendering of a simple scene. In the following notes, we will add camera rotation and so on.

Including QwtPlotGrid in Qwt (QwtPlot)

For easier perception of information, for reading charts, you can enable the grid. This is done using the QwtPlotGrid class. Everything is as usual: the object needs to be created, configured, and attached to the qwtplot.

Simple robot

Life has become a bit boring, and I had to find ways to make it more fun. That's how a primitive robot appeared, reacting to light. The simplest construction.